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Kei - Kei Kono (Japanese)
quote_up My English skills were not that good when I came in CELI and I felt scared to speak to foreign people. But I can speak English without being confused by jeepney drivers, taxi drivers and clerks of the restaurants. I had an opportunity to speak English everyday in my 1:1 classes. quote_down

Monica - Monica Munguntsalsal (Mongolia)
quote_up I am enjoying in CELI. It’s my first time to come to the Philippines. CELI is a good place for me to learn and practice speaking English. Before I couldn’t speak English, but I improve more my speaking skill. I have many friends of different nationalities. We only speak English, so it is a good practice for me. quote_down

Sheikh - Sheikh Mohamed Ahmed Al-Khalifa (Bahrain)
quote_up This institute was the best choice for me in terms of educational level. CELI helped improved my English skills, grammar and speaking. I met a lot of friends in different nationalities and I also had beautiful experience while exploring the beauty of nature. Staff and teachers are very nice. I find this place safe for me and comfortable to study and travel around the city. quote_down

Ryu - Ryuichi Sasaki (Japan)
quote_up I wanted to communicate with people from other countries who have different cultures or languages. So, I chose this school. I got many foreign friends through the activities like basketball, party and language activities. quote_down

Nguyen - Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyen (Vietnam)
quote_up I like to learn English in CELI. I came here for learning English and that was a good decision. I won’t forget the time when I stay in CELI. The teachers are very enthusiastic and responsive. Students have an opportunity to learn English and to understand the other culture. This is a great opportunity for students to improve their communication skills. quote_down

Enrique - Enrique Carrera (Spain)
quote_up I like CELI very much because of the variety of cultures of different countries. I have liked it very much especially the treatment of the school to the students. The workers and the teachers are very comprehensive. Also the road is good and everything is very clean. There are many activities which are joined by hardworking teachers and students. quote_down

Yoshitaka - Sulaiman Saeed Al-Mari (Yemen)
quote_up CELI is a great school. The school has a beautiful environment for studying and it has excellent teachers that will help the students in their studies in English. There are students that came from different countries too. The institute has pretty comfortable facilities too, like their clean rooms, the restaurant and the lounge hall where students and teachers can get to know each other and speak the English language. quote_down

Nguyen - Nguyen Thi My Dung (Vietnam)
quote_up I love CELI and I want to live here because people are very friendly and they are willing to help you anytime when you need. I can study English very fast because my teachers are really dedicated when they taught me. CELI is a bridge for me and other people. Before I cannot speak English but now I can do that. And I can find many good friends from other countries. quote_down

Yoshitaka - Yoshitaka Ishii (Japan)
quote_up My Cebu and CELI experience has been great. I made many friends, friends from different countries. We went to travel and it was very exciting. I discovered many places and many things during my stay. CELI is a very nice place. It is not a strict school so you can meet and discover people. quote_down

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